A LCN Local Center is a gathering of local pastors from all denominations and networks. They meet monthly to encourage, challenge, network and coach pastors on how to become better disciple making churches in their own context. They are open to all sizes, types, and models of churches. They care about helping pastors make disciples who will make disciples.

Check out Paul Dudley’s Story about being a part of a Local Center.

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North-East Region

Toby Ward

Cherry Hill, NJ

Key Leader:
David Cortner
Bethel Baptist Church

Falls Church, VA - Latino

Key Leader:
Raul Santamaria
Columbia Baptist Church

Leesburg, VA

Key Leaders:
Greg Wigfield – Destiny Church
Jason Rhodenhizer – Crosspointe Church

Lunenburg, MA

Key Leaders:
Gary Moritz – Twin City Baptist
Bob Cote – Hope Bible Chapel

Pittsburgh, PA - South

Key Leader:
Ken Barner
Crossroads Ministries

Schenectady, NY

Key Leader:
Andrew Hart
Sonrise Bible Church

Woodbridge, VA

Key Leader:
Chris Rhodenhizer
Image Church

East Region

Nathan Cline

Burlington, NC

Key Leaders:
Larry Lamberth – Harvest Baptist
Tadd Grandstaff – Hope Church

Clayton, NC

Key Leaders:
Jarret Hamilton – Generation Church
Matthew Cornett – Princeton Church of God

Lynchburg, VA

Key Leaders:
Matt Willmington – TRBC
Paul Dudley – One Community Church

Raleigh, NC

Key Leader:
Jimmy Carroll
Journey Church

Winston-Salem, NC

Key Leaders:
Jonathan Robbins – The Summit Church
Nathan Cline – Revo Church

South Region

Kevin Dunlap

Conyers, GA

Key Leader:
Philip Lehman
Discover Point Church

Dallas, GA

Key Leader:
Brian Bloye
West Ridge Church

Rome, GA

Key Leader:
Jason Stockton
Life Church

South Mid-West Region

Joe Snyder

Conway, AR

Key Leader:
Joey Cook
City Church

Chicago, IL

Key Leader:
Andy Zivojinovic
New Hope Bible Church

North Mid-West Region

Joe Snyder

Richmond, IN

Key Leader:
Brett Karanovich
Christ United Church

Upcoming Local Centers

Jacksonville, FL
Miami, FL
Orlando, FL
Concord, NC
Howell, NJ
Rock Hill, SC
Knoxville, TN
Nashville, TN
Danville, VA