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Does LCN plant churches?






Church planting is a vital part of LCN and its vision to make 1,000,000 new disciples by 2025.

LCN provides coaching, networking and resources for new church planters. Each Local Center is encouraged to partner with one or more Church Planting Agencies who provide assessment, training and funding. The Local Center provides the coaching for church planters, and then partners with like-minded organizations manage the assessment, training and funding for church planters. There are many agencies that LCN partners with, and it is up to the discretion of the Local Center to partner with a like-minded agency that supports the church planters that they are helping. Some of the agencies that Local Centers partner with include:

If you are interested in planting a church through one of our local centers, please reach out directly to a local center leader via email. Click ‘Local Centers’ image above to see our complete list of current and upcoming local centers.

Jimmy Carroll, president of LCN, shares the overall vision and strategy of church planting.

Traditional or Attractional Model

Missional Model

Micro Model

International Model