• Agree with the vision, mission, and doctrine of the organization.
  • Agree to participate in local events.
  • Give financially to help further the mission of making 1,000,000 disciples by 2025.


  • Access to our complete library of LCN resources and videos.
  • Access to nonprofit Legal Advice through the Liberty Counsel

Education / Scholarships


  • Involvement in a monthly Local Center Coaching group in your area.
  • Access to Local Center Coaching opportunities for staff members.


  • Connecting you and your staff with LCN members around the country.
  • Opportunity to network with LCN affiliate organizations around the country.
  • Monthly newsletter with information on events happening within LCN.
  • Opportunity to participate with other LCN members on their events, environments, and experiences locally, nationally, and internationally.

Church Planting