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The Great Commission of Jesus Christ

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”
~Matthew 28:19-20


To make 1,000,000 new disciples by 2025 via a network of 10,000 local churches connected through 500 local centers.

How we are doing

  • Local Centers Started – 25
  • Disciples Made Nationally – 15,755
  • Churches Planted Nationally – 99
  • Churches Planted Internationally – 25,439
  • Disciples Made Internationally – 602,274
  • Disciple-making:   We have a passion to make disciples and disciple-makers.
  • Relationships:   We are a network of partners who are committed to the same mission.
  • Investment in Pastors: We invest in pastors and church planters to make disciples who make disciples.
  • Sacrificial Giving:   We give financially to advance disciple-making in local churches.
  • Kingdom Mindedness:   We believe disciple-making is about Jesus and expanding His Kingdom in the city, nation and around the world.
  • Passion for the City:   We have a desire to not only build up churches but also reach the cities and surrounding communities.
  • Networking:   We help area pastors join together to advance the mission of Matthew 28:19-20.
  • Local Centers:   We prayerfully aspire to accomplish our mission through 10,000 local churches connected through 500 local centers.
  • Healthy Churches:   We strive to coach, resource and connect pastors to lead more effective disciple-making churches.
  • Church Revitalization:   We desire to support struggling churches to be revitalized and to thrive once more as churches that make disciple-makers.
  • Church Planting:   We aim to plant all models of churches locally, nationally and internationally.

We are organizationally structured to operate on a local, regional and central level. Here is what happens at each level:

Local Center:

  • Coaches and offers training for pastors on making disciple-makers.
  • Provides networking and resourcing for local pastors.
  • Plants disciple-makers and churches.

Regional Center:

  • Coaches and guides Local Center leaders.
  • Provides networking and resources for Local Center leaders.

Central Office:

  • Provides networking and resourcing for Regional/Local Centers and LCN pastors.
  • Provides administrative support for Regional/Local Centers and LCN pastors.
  • Provides direction to the overall organization through Executive Team and Regional Leaders.
  • Being a part of a network of pastors and church leaders from across the United States and internationally; joined together in the common goal of supporting and encouraging one another and growing the kingdom of God through disciple making.
  • Opportunities for spiritual renewal and growth through monthly local center gatherings, as well as our annual Refuel conference held each October.

Liberty Baptist Fellowship is an organization who provides endorsement and pastoral care of chaplains; endorsing chaplains  to serve as spiritual advisors and mentors in the military, hospitals, prisons and corporations throughout the world.  The Fellowship’s Chaplains Committee adheres to Biblical Guidelines in order to ensure that Chaplains maintain their influence and compassion as they serve and minister in many different situations. In addition to leading regular worship services in chapels on military installations, both on land and sea, they provide spiritual guidance and counseling for service members and their families. A Chaplain also makes many on-site visitations, or ministry of presence calls, such as on flight lines, in motor pools, aboard ships and infield positions.  Liberty Church Network is very happy to partner with an organization that has such a vital role in the spiritual well-being of our country and our military.


The Liberty Church Network (LCN), formerly known as the Liberty Baptist Fellowship and the Liberty Church Planting Network, was formed in 1981 under the direction of our founder, the late Dr. Jerry Falwell. The purpose of our organization was to train new pastors and plant new churches in the United States. In the first three decades our organization planted 5,000+ US-based churches. This makes LCN one of the largest and oldest church planting networks in the country. Starting in 1982 the organization also began endorsing military chaplains.