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PODCAST | Every week Carey Nieuwhof and David Kinnaman host thought leaders for an in depth discussion of the latest ChurchPulse Weekly trends and how the Church can rise to meet the mental, emotional and relational challenges their people are facing.

Websites with information and guidance for your ministry.
Valuable resources and solutions for your Christian organization as you strive to navigate through this COVID-19 season.


COVID-19 Resources & Information


Top COVID-19 Ideas for Churches, content updated weekly

Monday Morning COACHING CALL with SHAWN LOVEJOY, updated weekly with NEW content.

How Are Pastors Handling Ungathered Worship?, Six church leaders share about their adaptations, innovations, and frustrations as they respond to COVID-19.

COVID-19 Microchurch Resources, for use for personal and leadership development.

Microchurches Positioned for a Pandemic, by Ralph Moore

Church Survey on Response to COVID-19, An invitation from Ed Stetzer and Rick Warren, (coordinated by The Billy Graham Center, Exponential, Leadership Network, Catalyst, and ARC.) SURVEY RESULTS & OTHER RESOURCES HERE
Coronavirus response and updates, ways to stay connected throughout the week, service action steps and pastoral care connection points.

Pastoring Through a Pandemic,
Article was adapted from Ralph Moore’s
Pastoring Through a Pandemic on March 12, 2020.

During the coronavirus crisis, ideas here for how you can help, be encouraged, and be an encouragement to others.
Assistance for churches and ministry leaders as they prepare for and respond to the effects of the Coronavirus in their congregations and communities.

Viral Disciple-Making, by Doug Holliday
This was what Jesus had in mind when He said, “Go and make disciples of all nations.”

“In the midst of a global pandemic, we want to be a clear picture of God’s love across our city.”

LCN Leadership Weekly Updates

Lessons Learned During These Challenging Times

06/30 | VIDEO
This video features a conference call with LCN leadership and Local Center leaders to encourage pastors and church leaders during these challenging times.

The Ministry of Reconciliation

06/23 | VIDEO
This video features a conference call with LCN leadership and Local Center leaders addressing the ministry call for reconciliation to God and to each other.

Wisdom and discernment in these uncertain times

06/09 | VIDEO
This video features a conference call with LCN leadership and Local Center leaders about how pastors, leaders and followers of Christ should respond to racial justice issues.

How should pastors, leaders, and followers of Christ respond when there is a social crisis?

06/02 | VIDEO
This video features a conference call with LCN leadership and Local Center leaders about how pastors, leaders and followers of Christ should respond to racial justice issues.

Reopening: Lessons Learned

05/26 | VIDEO
Several churches in our network reopened this past Sunday. We hear from some of those pastors about how they prepared to reopen and what lessons they learned from their first Sunday back. We also hear from several pastors whose churches are preparing to reopen in the coming weeks. We hope this conference call will provide pastors with some guidelines and suggestions as we navigate this new stage of ministry.

Continuing the reopening conversation

05/19 | VIDEO
As we continue with the process of reopening, let us remember what has worked for our churches these last few months and how to continue to incorporate those into our ministry.

Some lessons we have learned during this season.

05/12 | VIDEO
What are some of the lessons we have learned during this difficult season of navigating ministry through a pandemic? As many churches prepare to reopen their doors, let us take a moment to reflect on what God has taught us these last few months and how those things can be applied to further our service to him and to the church.

How has this time changed our perspective on how we shepherd our people?

05/05 | VIDEO
The things you are doing now should not be seen as just a stop gap. Use this opportunity to restructure your ministry so that it better serves your people. We need to figure out how to be more effective moving forward. Think beyond the weekend service. Sunday services are not going to return to exactly like it was before the pandemic. Moreover, people need to be ministered to throughout the week – not just on Sundays. Consider these four directives: call, pray, communicate, and invite.

Reopening the church: what Issues do you need to consider?

04/28 | VIDEO
There are many factors for you and your leadership team to consider as you think about reopening your doors. Remember that different guidelines and restrictions apply to different localities. Gather your leadership team and carefully go through the possible scenarios. Reopening is not going to be as simple as flipping a switch. Have the right expectations.

How can we accurately measure church online attendance & engagement during this time?

04/21 | VIDEO
As churches have transitioned online, we have been bombarded with inflated statistics on how many people are viewing and interacting with said content. It is easy to become distracted by and misinformed about these numbers. In this call, we share some insights and tips on how you and your staff can more precisely and accurately measure your impact and effectiveness.

How will COVID-19 reshape how we do ministry?

04/14 | VIDEO
There has been so much encouraging feedback from church members as we have transitioned to online services and meetings. People seem to be really heartened by the efforts pastors and staff members have put into reaching out and ministering during these uncertain times. In this conference call, we share about what changes we have made in the way we do ministry and how these changes may carry over even after in-person meetings become safe and feasible.

Pastoral Encouragement: King Hezekiah

04/07 | VIDEO – Featuring Matt Willmington & Jason Stockton

Conference call with LCN leadership & Local Center leaders about how their churches are responding to the COVID-19 crisis.

Evaluate your Financial Status & Seek Additional Funding

03/31 | VIDEO – Discussion led by Nathan Cline, Rob Wetzel & Greg Wigfield

How Churches need to adapt financially to this new reality.

Underground Network, Chaos Walkers

03/27 | VIDEO – Jeremy Stephens

“Chaos and uncertainty is normal… but will we live the normal Christian response?”

Accessible Sunday Services & Greater Pastoral Care

03/24 | VIDEO – Paul Crouthamel & Tadd Grandstaff

How churches are responding to the COVID-19 crisis; making children’s & youth ministries online accessible.

4 Main Topics to Focus on as We Transition

03/18 | VIDEO – Nathan Cline, Andrew & Ashley Hart

Perspective from the healthcare profession, as well as financial planning and community response.

What can LCN churches do during the COVID-19 outbreak?

03/16 | Discussion Points – Rob Wetzel

Initial thoughts and recommendations.

Resources that can be used to help set up and run your online worship experience.

Sermons and Worship Music

Jimmy Carroll, This five sermon series filmed in Israel examines several core principles of the Christian faith. Please use if you’re in need of some content or just want to share some encouragement with your church.
To download click on video title.

Church Stream

Worship songs for use in your service.

Charles Billingsley | Free pre-recorded worship songs
Charles & his band have pre-recorded several worship songs for you to use during your online worship services. Click title link to request access.

Prayers, Scripture and Sermons

FREE unbranded, universal video you can stream in your own church!
Remove the barrier of technology so any church can reach people for Christ through online ministry.

Crossroads Ministry Kid’s Worship and Bible Lessons

Instructions and Guidance


Reaching your congregation digitally can be challenging for churches of all sizes. FREE ebook will help you connect with more people in your community.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Reduce barriers to getting involved
  • Simplify your mission
  • Use technology to connect outside of weekend services
  • Empower people to use their unique skills to serve
  • Clarify membership expectation

Digital engagement is more important now than ever before. Take steps to make your church engagement successful.


If you’re having trouble connecting some of your church members to your online services, consider incorporating phone live streaming. For a small fee, you can upload an mp3 of your service to a local or toll free phone number that people can call and listen to all week! Thanks to the team at Crossroads Ministries for the tip!

Liberty University, School of Divinity

Webinar Training for Online Church
Multiple weeks, April 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th

Reach Right

The Ultimate Guide To Live Streaming Your Church Services


Simple Steps to Livestreaming Your Worship Service, by Kenny Lamm

North American Mission Board

Webinar | How to LIvestream Your Sermon, with Phil Thompson

Several options for Small Groups on meeting during this time of caution:

I. Zoom is the easiest option for the general user.
Once your Small Group leader has created an account, they can send an invitation via email or by texting all of the Small Group members. Your SG members can join group meeting on their computer via
the internet or their phones with the Zoom app. Due to the increase in groups meeting online right now Zoom has limited meetings to 40 minutes.  More info here.

  1. Create an Account
    1. Go to and click on ‘SIGN UP, IT’S FREE’ in the top right-hand corner.
    2. Enter your email address and click ‘Sign Up’.
    3. You will receive a confirmation email asking you to verify the account.
  2. Schedule a Meeting
    1. Click on ‘SCHEDULE A MEETING’ in the top menu bar.
    2. There are a few questions that are easy to answer to set you meeting day and time. You can even set it to reoccur for next week as well. They recommend using your computer audio right now due to the volume of users.M
    3. Click ‘SAVE’.
  3. Invite Group Members
    1. After to have created a meeting click on Copy the invitation on the right hand side of your screen. It is in the Join URL box.
    2. Paste this in the body of your email to your group members. They can click directly on that link from their computer to join the meeting.
    3. If you added a password when you were creating your meeting make sure to send it in the email.
  4. Join a Meeting
    1. Click on the blue or purple link in the email from your small group leader
    2. A pop-up window may appear asking to open this application. It is SAFE to do so.
    3. It may download a document onto your computer the first time you use it. Again, this is SAFE to do so.
    4. Make sure you use your computer’s audio and if you want to have a video click on the movie camera in the bottom left corner of the Zoom window.

II. Other options for online meetings are:

  1. Facetime – All group members must have iPhones or Apple computers.  More info here.
  2. Google Hangout – All group members must have a gmail email account.  More info here.
  3. Skype – Similar to Zoom, however, all group members need to create accounts. More info here.

The Great Commission

"Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”
~Matthew 28:18-20

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